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Tree Removal in Adelaide and Surrounding Metro Areas

Jungle Bros Treescapes offers comprehensive tree removal services in Adelaide and surrounding suburbs. Tree removal is a visibly simple yet difficult process requiring precision and technique. All material can either be removed or chipped on-site, for use as mulch in the garden. (You can find out how much a load of mulch is here ) Our experienced chainsaw operators can also cut the wood into rounds for firewood. From large pine trees to eucalypts, palms, olives, natives and exotics – we can remove them all for you!

As we are located in Eden Hills, it means we can quickly respond to the big trees that are prone to losing their limbs in the Mitcham, Blackwood, Belair, Upper Sturt, Coromandel Valley, Stirling and other hills areas as a first port of call.  We strive to keep our community safe from the dangerous trees that inhabit our suburbs and welcome any calls from customers living in these areas (and of course further afar), looking for a professional tree removal service.

Safe Tree Removal

Safe tree removal is our primary goal at Jungle Bros. This entails not just the safety of our team, but also the safety of our customers and environment.

Safe tree removal requires a detailed assessment of the tree as well as the land and soil it is planted in. Our team of qualified arborists follow a carefully-curated checklist before going ahead with tree removal. Evaluation of the following factors forms a crucial part of our tree removal process:

  • The condition and stability of the tree being removed
  • The quality of surrounding terrain
  • Approximation of tree to overhead cables & wires
  • Site safety check

Our expert tree climbers use ropes and harnesses to access the trees. The limbs, foliage and trunk are then systematically deconstructed, taking care to avoid any damage to existing landscaping and infrastructure.

Annual Inspections

Trees are especially prone to suffer from damage during storms. Therefore, having annual tree inspections are of utmost importance in taking care of your trees. Jungle Bros provides comprehensive annual tree inspections and management services.

Our team assesses the condition of your trees and makes suggestions for further care and maintenance, including pruning and shaping, and health assessment of the trees in your backyard. These actions taken in the nick of time go a long way in improving the health of your trees and enhancing their resistance to storms.

No matter the size of tree or the species, you can trust Jungle Bros Treescapes to safely and quickly remove it from site. Give us a call today for a quick quote.


“Hi Mark,
You may remember cutting down our trees at our place late September 2013. One of your ‘tree loppers’ noticed a Kookaburra’s nest in one of the dead trees, hence the tree was cut down to a level so the nest could remain.

You can tell your ‘tree lopper’ that two baby Kookaburra were born last Friday, thanks to his effort in saving the nest.

Brian & Lorna Harmer, Rostrevor


We are located in the South Eastern Adelaide Hills of South Australia and cover all suburbs and rural areas surrounding Adelaide - and further by negotiation.