Tree pruning adelaide


Safe and correct tree pruning ensures your trees stay healthy for a longer time. Tree pruning and shaping make room for more light and air to reach the lower hanging branches of the tree, thereby promoting growth. Often larger trees are pruned to allow for enough space required for high-rise buildings and overhanging power cables. Jungle Bros Treescapes offers quality pruning and shaping service for trees, shrubs and hedges of all sizes and species.

Call us today if:

  • You have trees with overgrown branches that may be hindering with the windows, cables, chimney etc.
  • Your trees are diseased or infested with insects
  • Your trees have become rotten
  • You want to improve your trees’ vulnerability to damage by storms and lightening
  • You want enhanced light to penetrate through your trees
  • You live in Adelaide, the Adelaide Hills or in South Australia

Various tree pruning options to choose from

We cater to the whole range of tree pruning and shaping services. We don’t prune trees randomly. We follow a scientific 3 step process before going ahead with pruning. This helps us customize the pruning process to provide maximum benefits to your trees.

When you call Jungle Bros Treescapes, our team of qualified arborists will first carefully assess the condition of your tree and the surrounding terrain. Then, they will explain to you the multiple options available for pruning your trees. These include:

  • formative pruning
  • restorative pruning
  • removal of deadwood
  • removal of branches from bottom of a tree’s crown to clear the way for pedestrians

Finally, they will recommend the method most suited for your tree based on their analysis.
Our team is also trained in the techniques specific to pruning of fruit trees and palm trees. We have the equipment and machinery required to prune the tallest of  palm trees as well as the most delicate of fruit trees!  Call us for a Free Tree Pruning or Tree Trimming quote in Adelaide.

Maintenance Pruning

Maintenance pruning involves the removal of potentially dangerous, weak or dead limbs that could pose a hazard to buildings, wires, and other vegetation. A maintenance prune is a cheaper option than a complete removal at a later stage. It also helps conserve the existing ecology in your yard. Maintenance pruning can assist in fire hazard reduction in regards to limbs overhanging property in bush fire prone areas.

Gum trees often contain dead limbs that could be hazardous to the dwelling or people below. A maintenance prune can involve ‘dead wooding’ limbs and increases safety for the property’s inhabitants, a cheaper and more environmentally friendly option than a complete removal.

As we are located in Eden Hills, it means we can respond quickly to the big trees that are prone to losing their limbs in the Mitcham, Blackwood, Belair, Upper Sturt, Coromandel Valley, Stirling and other hills areas. We strive to keep our community safe from dangerous trees and welcome any calls from customers living in these areas (and further afar), looking for a professional tree pruning service. Tree Pruning and maintenance Adelaide wide, give us a call!


“Hi Mark, You may remember cutting down our trees at our place late September 2013. One of your ‘tree loppers’ noticed a Kookaburra’s nest in one of the dead trees, hence the tree was cut down to a level so the nest could remain. You can tell your ‘tree lopper’ that two baby Kookaburra were born last Friday, thanks to his effort in saving the nest. Cheers” Brian & Lorna Harmer, Rostrevor


We are located in the South Eastern Adelaide Hills of South Australia and cover all suburbs and rural areas surrounding Adelaide – and further by negotiation.