How much is it going to cost?

It’s always hard to tell how much a tree removal or treatment will cost without seeing it. There are multiple factors involved including:

  • The species and size of the tree
  • The location of the tree and access to it
  • How carefully all the material needs to be lowered down to the ground – is it in the middle of a vacant block or are there delicate plants, fences, or buildings beneath the tree that need to be considered
  • Does the tree need to be chipped, cut into fire wood, removed or left on site
  • Is the tree dead, covered in ivy, or have white ant damage

We recommend a thorough on-site assessment of the tree so as to give you an accurate quote. It also gives an opportunity to the clients to clear any doubt or concerns they may have.

Call Mark on 0408 827 819 for a FREE no-obligation quote. If you would prefer to send an e-mail, please try to include as many of the answers to the above as possible and take a few digital photos with your camera /phone from a few angles so we can best assess the site. Please send to info@junglebros-treescapes.com.au or via SMS to 0408 827 819.

Can a palm tree be transplanted or sold?

Yes, palms can usually be transplanted with a good success rate. It is unlikely that anyone will pay you for your palm, but removal costs can be avoided if a potential new owner/site is available at the right time.

How much is a ‘load of mulch’? How much will I need?

Our truck holds 8 cubic liters of mulch. Our mulch delivery service is priced from $100-$150 per truck load, depending on the delivery location. Mulch should be spread no deeper than 5-10 cm around the base of trees and shrubs. One load is usually enough per season for your average household garden – you can always order more!

Do you take away the branches?

Yes! Our quote includes removing everything you ask us to, and we will even tidy up with a blower to make sure your property looks great afterwards! If you are sourcing other quotes, make sure you are comparing this clause apple to apple, as not all quotes include removal of material.

How long until you can fit the job in?

We can usually fit most jobs within a week or two of the quote. We will do our best to get your job done as soon as practicable. How does tomorrow sound?!

Will my stumps be ground the same day as tree removal?
Usually, stump grinding takes place within 48 hours of the tree removal. However, we can always accommodate special requests if you wish to have it ground on the same day as the removal of your tree.

How do I know if my tree is significant?

Significant trees refer to regulated trees in the metropolitan Adelaide and Adelaide Hills having a circumference equal to or greater than 3.0 metres. In case of multiple trunk trees, significant trees

The Cost of Tree Removal in Adelaide

Tree Removal costs will vary between $300 and can reach upwards of $10,000 per tree depending on a range of factors.

General factors that will influence the tree removal quote are;

  • The type of tree that needs to be removed.
  • The location and accessibility of the tree.
  • The age and condition of the tree.
  • The size, height and diameter of the tree.
  • The urgency ie. Is it really an emergency?
  • And whether the work needs to be carried out after hours or on the weekend.

All arborists operate differently and may also offer additional variation in the tree removal quote for your consideration. These may include, but not be limted to;

  • Stump removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • Site Clean Up
  • Log Splitting
  • Hazardous Material Dumping fee

Here at Jungle Bros, we are as clear and transparent with our quoting as possible so you’ll know exactly what your quote does and doesn’t include.

We are a proudly South Australian, family owned and operated business who pride ourselves on professional, friendly service. We will be more than happy to offer you a free on-site inspection to discuss your tree removal plans so please get in touch with Mark today!


“Hi Mark,
You may remember cutting down our trees at our place late September 2013. One of your ‘tree loppers’ noticed a Kookaburra’s nest in one of the dead trees, hence the tree was cut down to a level so the nest could remain.

You can tell your ‘tree lopper’ that two baby Kookaburra were born last Friday, thanks to his effort in saving the nest.

Brian & Lorna Harmer, Rostrevor


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