Trimming & Maintenance

We offer a quality pruning and shaping service for trees, shrubs and hedges of all sizes and species.

Maintenance pruning involves the removal of potentially dangerous, weak or dead limbs that could pose a hazard to buildings, wires, and other vegetation. A maintenance prune is a cheaper option than a complete removal and conserves the existing ecology in your yard.

Maintenance pruning can assist in fire hazard reduction in regards to limbs overhanging property in bush fire prone areas.

Click here for more information about fire hazard reduction.

Do you have a palm that needs pruning and shaping? Jungle Bros. Treescapes is proficient at tidying and reshaping your palm, ensuring an attractive silhouette and reduced frond litter.

Gum trees often contain dead limbs that could be hazardous to the dwelling or people below. A maintenance prune can involve ‘dead wooding’ limbs and increases safety for the property’s inhabitants, a cheaper and more environmentally friendly option than a complete removal.