Firewood & Mulch

We can deliver quality firewood and mulch right to your home, at below average cost.

Our tipper truck can hold 8 cubic meters of firewood or mulch and can be delivered free to anywhere within metropolitan Adelaide.

Firewood is supplied in rounds, ready for splitting. It is recommended wood be seasoned for approximately a year (or at least a summer) before burning as fuel, to maximize heat efficiency and clean smoke. Contact Jungle Bros. today to order a load and help reduce your heating costs next winter.

Mulching your garden assists by retaining moisture, reducing erosion, providing nutrients, and suppressing weed growth and seed germination and is a must in this harsh Australian climate.

 Please contact Mark on 0408 827 819 to inquire about firewood and mulch availability and pricing, variable depending on the species of vegetation.

 A wood splitter is also available for hire at a daily fee.